Jul 24, 2008

Body Treatment Catalog

Canaan Dead Sea Products - Body Treatment

Hand Cream

A rich, highly nourishing formulation this velvety cream absorbs quickly and evenly to leave your hands feeling oil-free, soft, and deliciously smooth. The mineral and vitamin C rich formula, accented by our health-inducing CSE Complex™, acts deeply to protect your skin from harsh environmental and weather conditions as it smoothes away roughness and relieves irritation.

Smooth in a generous amount all over your hands and massage gently. Suitable for use anytime.

Retail Price: SGD$24 Packaging 125 ml Tube.


Nourishing Foot Cream

Refresh your tired, sore and dry feet with this energizing and nourishing formulation. Smooth it on and feel its curative, moisturizing powers begin to take affect as our special mineral and plant extract CSE Complex™ goes to work. Your feet will tingle with rejuvenation and feel pleasant and soft to the touch.

Smooth in a generous amount all over your feet and massage gently. Suitable for use anytime.

Retail Price: SGD$24 Packaging 125 ml Tube

Peeling Foot Cream *Recommended!

Help revive your tired feet with this gentle foot cream. Peel away dry and calloused skin and enjoy a true infusion of energy. A combination of finely crushed peach pits, natural oils and our very own soothing and moisturizing CSE Complex™ helps to give your feet a refreshing feel and a smoother, softer look for all to admire.

Massage in a generous amount all over your feet and rinse off thoroughly. Follow with Nourishing & Softening Foot Cream.

Retail Price: SGD$27 Packaging 125 ml Tube.


Bath Salts

The waters of the Dead Sea abound with salts that are truly legendary for their powers of rejuvenation and the pampering relaxation they afford anyone lucky enough to bathe in them. Enjoy the Dead Sea experience in the privacy of your own home. 21 minerals and our unique, naturally-formulated CSE Complex™ combine to form a luxurious Bath Salt product that converts your bathtub into a spa.

Fill bathtub with warm water. Allow generous amount of crystals to dissolve. Sit back and relax. It is recommended to remain in the bath for up to 15 minutes. Consult with your physician if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Retail Price: SGD$21 Packaging 500 gr.

Mud Mask (Body) *Recommended!

This natural Dead Sea mud mask contains our unique CSE Complex™ and 21 essential minerals, which have been clinically proven to maintain healthy skin and enable its ongoing, natural protection. The mud solution also contains miniscule mineral grains capable of penetrating into the pores of the skin where they are most effective. The mask effortlessly absorbs excess oils and dead skin cells, allowing a new layer of youthful vitality to rise to the surface. Your skin will feel both more supple and more firm and radiate with new vitality.

Apply evenly over entire body. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 8-15 minutes. Avoid bruised or infected skin.

Retail Price: SGD$33 Packaging 600 gr.

Body Cream Soap

This creamy soap lathers on with luxuriating pleasure, gently washing away the worries of the day. Your skin will feel invigorated with a renewed energy and move with supple grace. Rich in our CSE Complex™, this deep cleaning but gentle formula helps maintain your natural PH balance and leaves you smooth, clean and soft to the touch.

Retail Price: SGD$21 Packaging 250 ml.


Mineral Enriched Soap Bar

Packed with 21 Dead Sea minerals and Canaan’s CSE Complex™, this aromatic soap bar adds a whole new dimension to your shower experience. The natural, PH balanced cleansers perform deeply to invigorate your skin’s metabolism, firm your face and body, and provide a smooth, soft and supple feel.

Retail Price: SGD$13 Packaging 100 gr.

Mineral Mud Bar

Enriched with 21 Dead Sea minerals, Canaan’s CSE Complex™ and a healthy dose of mineral mud, this aromatic soap bar will thoroughly enliven your skin. Beyond receiving a deep and thorough cleansing, the PH balanced mud bar acts as an effective but gentle exfoliant, removing dead cells and jump-starting your skin’s metabolism.

Retail Price: SGD$18 Packaging 100 gr.

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The products looks nice and they really help in good body treatments as the Dead Sea body lotions help the skin from negative effects.
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