Jul 25, 2008

Product Reviews

There are many variety of products in Canaan Dead Sea series. Personally i'm using quite a few of the products currently. Well, like i mentioned, there are quite a lot of items and i've yet to try all of them. So i shall post my personal reviews on the products i'm using.

Face Mud Mask

This is one of my favourite! The packaging comes with a mini spoon (or applicator) to scoop out the mask. I'll usually transfer to my hands and apply on my face. This mask dries really quickly on your face. When i apply half of my face and wanted to touch up some areas, its dry already and i cant really touch up the mask. It's really amazing within 2 mins and even i want to put a lump of mud mask to touch up, i cant really do that. it just kind of wont stick on the face? When you use it, you'll know what i mean. LOL.

Anyway, drying up too much is not a disadvantage especially for lazy bumps like me. i don't really have to wait too long thinking what am i suppose to do when my mask is on. As per instructed, 2-3 mins will do. I can feel slight tingly feeling on my face. Perhaps its tightening my pores. Immediately after i've washed my face, i can really feel that my face are so soft and smooth. i'm not kidding or exaggerating. My colleagues who's using this mask also agrees. I've been faithfully using this at least once a week. I highly recommend this mask to people having normal to oily skin.

Must Buy!!

Mud Mask (Body)

When there's mud mask for face, surely there must be one for body too right? Thankfully there's really a mud mask for body where the results achieved are as good as the face mask! This product is really value for money especially those who loves DIY at home instead of splurging at spa salons. Each packet can last you for about 8-10 applications! It comes to about $3.30 each session? You dont have to fly to Israel or pay sky high price for the mud elsewhere. However, the process can be a little messy in your bathroom. How to apply? Rinse your body and just spread the mask all over your body. Do it when your body is damp but not too wet. You dont have to apply too thick.

"Apply evenly over entire body. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 8-15 minutes. Avoid bruised or infected skin." Well, 8-15mins can be a drag in the bathroom. What i usually do is to make use of this time to apply hair mask. hehe.. i like multitasking. Once your body starts to get dry, its time to rinse off the mask. I will still use my shower gel after this. Tah-dah! My skin feels smooth and radiant coz it's high in minerals and it effortlessly absorbs excess oils and dead skin cells.


Daily Silk Serum

For thirsty skin, this is for you. Just as the name sounds, silk serum. It makes my face soft and smooth. What i like about this serum, it absorbs quickly and it's light weight and have a light pleasant scent. It also gives you a glow on your face! The serum will hydrate my face without making my face oily.

Must Buy!!

Here's some of the reviews and i will post more reviews on other products that i've tried shortly. Thanks for reading.

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