Jul 23, 2008

Skin Care Catalog - Normal to Oily Skin

Canaan Dead Sea - Skin Care (Normal to Oily Skin)

Cleansing Milk

A gentle but thorough facial cleanser, Canaan’s Cleansing Milk is suitable for daily use and is ideal for removing makeup residues and other impurities that become embedded in the skin. Enriched with our unique CSE Complex™, it helps sustain the skin’s natural PH balance and is a wonderful first step in your daily skincare regimen. Follow with Canaan’s Toning Water and our other fine skincare products.

Apply daily and wipe off with a soft cotton pad. Complete cleansing process with Toning Water.

Retail Price: SGD$25 Packaging 125 ml.

Toning Water

The perfect complement to your daily cleansing routine, our Toning Water excels at purifying oily facial skin. Enriched with Canaan’s special CSE Complex™, this liquid cleanser washes on refreshment as it washes away impurities for a smooth, matte look. The gentle formulation is highly effective without upsetting your skin’ natural moisturizing tendencies and PH balance.

Wipe with a cotton pad and follow with Canaan moisturizing cream or Nourishing Facial Cream.

Retail Price: SGD$24 Packaging 125 ml.

Nourishing Facial Cream

Cultivate a long-lasting youthful complexion with this nourishing facial cream. Rich in moisturizers, Vitamins C & E, anti-aging agents and our nourishing CSE Complex™, this bountiful cream feeds your skin with mineral-rich nutrients that are essential for maintaining healthy, supple and vibrant looking skin.

Apply daily after cleansing and toning.

Retail Price: SGD$29 Packaging 50 ml

Face Mud Mask *Recommended!

Dead Sea mineral mud is renowned the world over as a natural agent that revives the skin’s metabolism, encourages its moisturizing capabilities and renews its overall feel and appearance. At Canaan Skincare, we’ve leveraged its natural properties to bring you a deep action mud mask, fortified with our mineral-rich CSE Complex™, that works quickly to awaken and soothe tired and irritated skin. As you wash away the mud, your face will awaken to a new dawn of velvety softness.

Apply evenly over the entire face once or twice weekly. Avoid eye area. Rinse thoroughly after 2-3 minutes. Follow with Moisturizing Cream with SPF 15 or Nourishing Facial Cream.

Retail Price: SGD$38 Packaging 50 ml.

Eye Cream (All skin types)

Specially formulated to treat the delicate skin that envelops the eyes, this quickly absorbed cream is fortified with Canaan’s special CSE Complex™ for natural moisturization and anti-wrinkling action. The skin surrounding your eyes will tingle with energy and newfound vitality.

Gently dab on a small amount to the outer eye using your fingertip. Suitable for morning and nighttime use.

Retail Price: SGD$28 Packaging 30 ml.


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