Jul 24, 2008

Spa Products Catalog 2

Spa Products

Body Peeling Milk Soap (Lavender/Mango-Peach/Vanilla) *Recommended!

Lather on the pleasures of this gentle peeling milk soap. Your circulation will be energized as dead skin cells effortlessly wash away and new ones fortify your body with supple softness. Rich in our CSE Complex™, this deep cleaning but gentle formula helps maintain your natural PH balance and leaves you smooth, clean and delicate to the touch.

Spread over entire body in a circular motion. Rinse off thoroughly. Avoid applying to face.

Retail Price: SGD$25/each Packaging 250 ml.


Aqua Based Body Lotion (Lavender/Mango-Peach/Vanilla) *Recommended!

This rich, delicately textured body lotion absorbs swiftly and easily. Aromatic oil extracts, Vitamin C, natural moisturizing agents and our own CSE Complex™ combine effortlessly to hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and supple. The gentle scent will fill you with a sense of relaxation throughout the day.

Following a shower, rub in a generous amount all over your clean body skin.
Retail Price: SGD$30/each Packaging 300 ml.

Rich Oil-Based Body Cream (Lavender/Mango-Peach/Vanilla) *Recommended!

Treat yourself to this rich formulation of Dead Sea minerals, soothing oils, highly concentrated moisturizers and nourishing plant extracts. Together with Canaan’s unique CSE Complex™, they combine to infuse your body with a supple feel, silken touch and delicate scent. Your skin will be effortlessly hydrated as it is fed with energizing nutrients.

Following a shower, rub in a generous amount all over your clean body skin.

Retail Price: SGD$38/each Packaging 300 ml


Rich Body Oil (massage) (Lavender/Mango-Peach/Vanilla)

This professional massage oil eases into your skin for deep working release of tension. A potpourri of pure oils harvested from avocados, almonds, sesame, jojoba, and grape seeds, this special combination oil also contains Canaan’s mineral magic CSE Complex™ and is enriched with Vitamin E to help delay the aging process. Its intoxicating scent and feather soft feel will thrill you.

Retail Price: SGD$21/each Packaging 300 ml.

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